December 23, 2020

Val Caputi Lopez

How to Grow Your Brand from Podcast Guesting

You’re booked as a guest on a podcast—don’t let the potential of this moment pass you by. Leverage it to grow your brand, and understand that you need to do a lot more than simply show up. 

First, it’s important to understand where podcasts stand in the world of online marketing. They are becoming increasingly popular, with podcast listenership up 75 percent since 2015. Over 20 percent of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month, and that figure is constantly increasing. 

If you’re on a popular podcast, there’s no doubt you’ll be heard. Being a guest lets you reach an active audience, and keep in mind that (unlike television) nearly everyone can access a podcast. It’s easier and faster to speak than to write, so a 30-minute podcast lets you pack in a lot of information compared to a written blog post with similar content.

Podcasts as Brand Builders

Podcasts are a popular platform for talking about the latest topics and current trends. If a big news story (like COVID-19) happens to align with your brand or niche, you can bet that audiences will really be tuning in. This gives you a chance to showcase how your brand organically “fits” around current topics, which will help establish you as a thought leader. Podcasts are where you can position yourself as a leading expert.

Podcast hosts bring on “guests” because these guests are experts and have invaluable advice and insights to share. In fact, sometimes the guests are seen as bigger experts than the host. 

An expert doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who’s been doing something for decades, but rather a person who knows more about a particular subject than the average person. You’re the expert in your business and brand, and podcasts help you highlight that.

How to “Use” Your Guest Spot

The goal for anyone on a podcast, be it host or guest, is to build audience trust. There’s something inherently intimate about listening to someone without visual cues. Listeners become hyper-sensitive to tone and voice inflection. This creates an environment where podcast hosts and guests are seen as more forthcoming and honest, and this helps to build your brand.

Keep in mind that while listeners tune in for many reasons, they are all willing to be exposed to new brands and companies. Brand awareness is built into podcasts. After all, a host won’t have you on without discussing your background, business, and what you’re doing right now. Most people would describe podcasts as informative and entertaining—a far cry from the televised infomercial. 

However, if you’ve listened to any podcasts yourself, you know that there are subtle and not so subtle ways to “plug” businesses. Practice beforehand and you’ll be able to squeeze in branding that sounds organic and non-promotional.

Extra Tips and Tricks

Once your podcast is recorded, why not help it transition into new content? It’s important to share your podcast episode with the world, but you can also repurpose it into a blog post. Maybe you want to re-write it yourself. People like to consume content in all different ways, and turning your podcast into a blog will help you sweep up any fans who prefer to read rather than listen.

Podcast guest spots are often seen as avenues for reaching a new audience, but don’t forget your current audience. If you have audience members (and you do) who don’t have time to read blogs, they might love listening to a podcast. In fact, you just might be the reason someone out there discovers and falls in love with podcasts and your brand. 

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