6 Podcasts All Entrepreneurs Need to Check Out This Year

As we’re officially a few months into 2021, many of us are looking for new motivation to propel our entrepreneurial dreams forward. What better way to light the fire than by listening to some killer podcasts? 

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Podcasts This Year For Entrepreneurs:

The Side Hustle Show

Like the name suggests, the Side Hustle Show discusses what it takes to build up a side income, doing something you genuinely love. The podcast tagline is, “Because Your 9-5 May Make You a Living, But Your 5-9 Makes You Alive!” which perfectly summarizes the podcast’s vibe. There are hundreds of episodes where entrepreneurs discuss how they turned a dream gig into a reality. Tune in if you are a freelancer or side hustler in training. 

Latest episode: My $550k Side Hustle: An Online Business from Idea to Exit

“Over the course of 9 and a half years of running Virtual Assistant Assistant–including the proceeds from the sale–the site generated over $550,000 in revenue.”

Fire Nation Podcast

Entrepreneurs On Fire by John Lee Dumas aims to give entrepreneurs the inspiration and strategies they need to light a fire under their...well, you know. In most episodes, he interviews big names like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and many more. Tune in if you want to hear from the best of the best in business and learn how to live a life you love. 

Latest episode: How to Live Your Life’s Purpose – Profitably with John Strelecky

“John Strelecky is an adventure traveler and entrepreneur. His #1 Bestselling books have sold more than six million copies worldwide and been translated into over forty-two languages.”

The Pitch Podcast

The Pitch Podcast hosted by Josh Muccio lets listeners enjoy a tense and exhilarating “Shark tank-Esque” podcast in which real startup owners pitch their ideas to investors. This fascinating podcast showcases what it takes to make a compelling pitch that investors will gobble up (or not). Listeners who want to work on their pitch and learn what to avoid will enjoy this show.

Latest episode: When Investors Take the Hot Seat

“This week, we've got a show like no other. Instead of startup founders asking for money to grow their business, we hear investors Jake Chapman and Howie Diamond pitch their new venture capital fund.”

More Cheese Less Whiskers Podcast

More Cheese Less Whiskers Podcast is hosted by Dean Jackson, who also co-hosts the I Love Marketing podcast with Joe Polish. His focus with this new venture is to teach his listeners how to apply his “8-Profit Activators” to their businesses. Though it seems like a sales pitch at first glance, this podcast has way more to offer. In each episode, Dean talks to small business owners about how they can grow their business with tips and tricks to maximize their opportunities. This show is for those who want to hear from business owners in diverse industries.

Latest episode: Troy Royster

“Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast, we're talking with Troy Royster, who owns a commercial maintenance cleaning company based in New York.”

BizChix Podcast 

BizChix was formed by Natalie Eckdahl, a business strategist and high-performance coach who helps entrepreneurial women worldwide scale their businesses. In each episode, she interviews industry influencers about what it takes to build a successful business and addresses other topics like mindset and financial wellness. This podcast is ideal for listeners who want a female perspective on entrepreneurship. 

Latest episode: Is It Time to Build or Stabilize?

“When you first start your business, the focus is on growth...But at some point, you will start to notice some bottlenecks that will impede your growth.

In this episode, I will help you figure out whether you need to build a bigger business or stabilize what you currently have.”

Masters of Scale Podcast

Masters of Scale is hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and Investor at Greylock. This podcast is all about how business leaders scaled their businesses from startups to worldwide corporations. Recorded Q&A style, each episode interviews new and seasoned business leaders, picking their brains about what it takes to scale. This is a great listen for entrepreneurs looking to embark on worldwide domination!

Latest episode: 8 Reliable Lessons For Unreliable Times 

“If 2021 is even half as unpredictable as 2020 was, you'll need to dig deep into your resilience and wisdom to get through. We've pulled together this special episode of Masters of Scale to serve as a sort of primer for the new year…”

We hope these podcasts inspire you to grow your business in 2021! Have a favorite not featured on this list? Send us a message and let us know.

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